Faith Journey: Tweens

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There is probably some different views on when being a ‘tween’ technically starts, but I always think of it being that time in a kid’s life when you stop feeling like a kid, but haven’t hit pubescent rage.

I remember the day my ‘tween’ phase started.  I was 10, my mom called me into the kitchen (no lights on, should have recognized the foreshadowing) to tell me that her & my dad were getting a divorce, because he was having an affair.  I laughed (seriously), because that was a joke to me.  I wasn’t the kid with divorce parents, but all of a sudden I was.

A lot of backlash occurred.  For awhile I addressed my dad by his first name (to him).  I started swearing a lot.  I tried smoking (cigarettes & weed).  I tried drinking.  I skipped a lot of school.  ETC, ETC, ETC.

But my dad saved me by telling my mom that if she raised me I wouldn’t amount to anything, but a criminal.  That gave me enough motivation to prove him wrong…for awhile…


Families are a remarkable thing.

I could go on and on about why I think my family is totally unique, but yours is probably more so.

My mother was told she wouldn’t have any more kids after my sister due to complications with the birth, but 11 years later she did.

A chunk of glass slid into my left hand at 1 year old severing many nerves.

A sprocket from a go-kart nearly sliced through my Achilles tendon at 8.

The first week my dad watched me in Kindergarten I cussed, skipped school, and drove a car, but I never entered a church…not even on Christmas.


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One of the most interesting things about being a Pastor to me is the simple fact that it is a ‘calling’.

Charles Spurgeon was the “prince of preachers” and lived in England towards the end of the 19th Century (I know that seems like awhile ago, but he’s probably more relevant than a lot of preachers today).

In his book, “Lectures to my Students” he wrote that being a minister is a calling.  Too often people who have failed at every other arena of life turn to the pulpit for a lack of better options.

His assertion is that the pulpit should be filled with men who would succeed in any arena of life, but the compulsion to do the work of God is so strong that nothing else will do.  This keeps me grounded in humility, because it is the work of God to take this ‘pagan of pagans’ give him a love for God’s Word.

why i do…what i do

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I often wonder if the 14 year old version of me would beat the 27 year old version of me up.  I don’t think so…but he would probably scoff at me.  I’m about a month into being 27, about 10 months into being a Family Pastor, and I live & breathe the Church & my church.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be telling of my journey from a 14 year old who didn’t have a problem with Weed & Women to a 27 year old who thinks the most important thing that can happen is for the Church & Family to Partner together to effectively Raise & Train the next Generation of Christ Followers.  Hope you’ll journey with me…

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